One little Lynx

Tell me little sister, is it warm and safe in there

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outspokenyouth asked: Congrats on lena sharing your art on instagram! Btw, your art is amazing :3 keep up the awesome work!

Thank you! It’s really important for me)) It was third time Lena shared my art but first time with Ruslan)) she is very attentive to fans)

Poor girl who asked about the romance! They are such a trolls))


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Anonymous asked: OMG! I love your drawing of Annie Cresta and her son! So beautiful! Hey, make sure you tag it as "odesta." That's where all the Finnick/Annie shippers hang out. But make sure it's listed a one of the first 5 tags in your post. Tumblr only allows a post to appear under the first 5 tags listed. Good luck! :)

Wow! I didn’t know it)) Thank you!)))

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Ruslena Fic I Want to See in the World


  1. AU where they’ve been partnered together for years(Maybe after Elena’s first split with Nikita?) Bonus points for awkward boners
  2. Non-figure skating AU where Elena was living with her boyfriend Nikita until he kicked her out to have his new girlfriend Victoria move in. She…

Wow) Im a little bit fic-writer but… only in russian, sorry(( oh, so many cool ideas *_*

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The Once Upon A Time Fandom

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